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Climate Haws vs. Deniers: Why I believe in Climate Change (I)

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I read different blogs about climate change (see links under construction). Some agree with climate change  (they are called alarmist by the deniers and climate hawks to themself) and some deny it (they are called deniers by the Hawks and skeptic to themselves).

OK. I consider myself a climate hawk, a beliver, or alarmist, in deniers language. Sometimes deniers are quite convincing but I am more and more convinced of the urgency of climate change. And the more I read the more I believe the urgency of this issue. Why? I will explain in the following posts my reasons, trying to be sincere and explaining the reasons as well as the feellings. more or less these ones:

  • Becasuse of my feelings (and personal history).
  • Because of the evidence I see in the science I understand.
  • Because of my logic.
  • Because of some social logic.
  • Because of the contradictions of deniers .
  • Because of some examples.