What do I think, What can I do?

In the plane

As I mentioned in a previous post, I travelled by plane some days ago. It gave me an opportunity to test the “aeroplane mode” of my new small camera and to put images to some of the thoughts that came to my mind in one of the flights. It was a wonderful autumn weather over the Mediterranean sea, allowing outstanding views of sea and land.

The first sight shows one of my constant worries, a land totally defined by perfect squares for human use, are we leaving something for the rest? Is the climate change the most critical consequence of a development that forgets about limited resources and equilibrium?

But it was possible to find hopeful images too, those wind mills that are not any visual pollution in my opinion. Even moving ones generating clean energy.

And hopeless images as this thermal energy production unit (I think).

Or even mixed ones.

This is the world we live in, complex everywhere, and this is the world we want to improve or at least not worsen too much.

At the end you can say, did you really need to by a new camera having a nice but big one?

Or it was really necessary to make a plane journey? or using our recent investment in computers and fast broadband connections, a video conference would have fulfilled the same aims?

Sometimes even if I see a clear answer it is not easy to make it true, but the question remains important and could work slowly but strongly like water. The last question: do we have enough time for that?


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