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My prius


A couple of years ago my old car died with the boots on and we decided at home to buy another car. I think we can live without a car. Actually, anyone can do it, but in some cases it would require severe changes intheir lives.

In our case, we decided to continue with the possibilities a car offers. It may seem a standard solution but it is important to remember that transport accounts for  a XXX % of CO2 emissions in XXX.

So recognizing my incapability to choose the lowest carbon option, at least I tried to minimize the impact by opting for a lower carbon technology available at that moment: an hybrid car. The two options were an Honda Accord Hibridd and our prefered one, the Toyota Prius. The other option was related with our consumer choices, we bougth a quite knew second hand car because we do not make too many Km each year.

And the result up to now, 3 years after the buying action? We, all the family, are very happy with this car. As I am not talking about cars quality I am going to focus in fuel expenses issues. It uses slightly less than 5 lt per 100 Km, eben if my colleagues do not remember it correctly. It certainly excells in quasy-urban trips, more than autoroutes. Many colleagues consider this figure unimpressive, whereas I consider it very good for a car in its size and age (6 years old).


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