What do I think, What can I do?

If/when you are convinced that climate change menace is real and the risk is very important, one of the most relevant questions is what can I do?

Of course, there is not a single or simple answer, there are many evident possibilities as:

  • Stay informed about the issue.
  • Talk about it with family, friends, neighbours. Discuss about the importance of the subject. The more people convinced about it the easier will be taking difficult measures.
  • Collaborate with campaigns, associations, … related with CC and/or support them.
  • And something very important, live in a more sustainable way.  Important but difficult in many cases. Many small decisions affect, nearly anything may be related to CC in some aspect for example the choice between ebook or paper book or   , even the icelandic volcano can be understood from CC point of view. This is one of the obsessions of people worried by this problem like me and a great sport for many webs .

And, of ocurse, if we are able to change our lifes we will have made a big step but not everybody is equally convinced, even if he/her is supportin CC strugle. Changing everyday lifes is not easy for anyone and we have many things to think about, so I think that making priorities is a key issue because not all the presonal choices have the same effect and we need real changes to endorse this long-term global chalenge


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