What do I think, What can I do?

One of the most used arguments against Climate Change action is that is quite “expensive”, and it will be, bnecause important changes will have to be made in many aspects of our economy and life. We will be able to get less objects and services with the same effort, so, in practice, we will be poorer in average.

However, Climate Change will be very costly too, even more than changing our cheap carbon economy as explained by Tony Blair.

And some costs are not so easy to account, for example a massive oil spill in the ocean. Who will pay all these destruction? Can it be paid

Nevertheless, the real problem is more about time than about total cost. Climate Change avoiding or softening strategies have to be paid now, at least start to be paid now and the consecuences will come later, some are just perceivable but the most severe and “expensive” are one or two generations ahead. And we are not used to save for so long.


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