What do I think, What can I do?

I am Back

It is more than one year since I started this small trial. And I wanted to celebrate this anyversary around May. However my post frequency reached a worryful minimum this spring and I stopped to write. And the more you stop the more difficult it becomes to return.
But I still have ideas I want to write, to share to some extente or maybe I just feel that this blog can help me organize some thoughts about this subject.
Because even I am not working onit, even if I do not belong to any organization close to this subject, or I am not someone to offer updated scitentific, social or politic opinion about it. I am still very worried and I read something and think about Climate Change. I still think it is a mayor challenge and should be a great priority in those economically difficult times. And finally, I feel some internal need to write again.
My intention is to write weekly. I know it is a poor frequency for a blog, but I expect it is realistic for me. Actually, this blog does not intend to be a standard blog, for the moment is more a place to write and/or organize my thoughts.


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