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London trip

Tower Bridge in London

Tower Bridge in London

Last week I went to London with my family for a short urban tourism. Yes, I recognize I use too much the plane and that I burn too much high altitude CO2. I think that my subconscious works a lot in this subject and tells me:  take this opportunity, travelling by plane will be more costly/difficult in the future. It is something I have to think of. 
Carbon Neutral

Anyway, apart from the CO2 expenditure in the plane itself we enjoyed this always interesting city. And even I photographed a small surprise: this carbon neutral advertisement about central London (I think there is another one about the Olympic games). I do not know exactly what it refers to, neither the veracity of the carbon neutrality, but, in any case, I consider quite positive this kind of presence in the city of London. It is at the same time a good sing and an educational thing. Would something similar be possible in Wall Street? Or When it will be likely?



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