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Electric bikes

Image from Urban Bike web

Recently I met an acquaintance in his new business: Urban Bikes . It is a business around electric bicycles, he sells them rents and repairs. It is not the only shop in Bilbao but certainly it is well located and collaborating with some other small businesses for alternative tourism offers. He told me that he hoped a great future for electric bikes in cities and even if it is not boasting in Bilbao for now it could be in any moment.

I do not know anything about this business but it seems he is doing a great job and I really hope he is successful because this would mean we are advancing in transport transformation towards lower carbon footprint. Because I have the feeling (someday I should put data in that feeling) that transportation is among the main carbon emissions activities the one that is advancing less or has less current possibilities to advance. Maybe this “small” electric vehicles will play a significant role in that transformation and not everything will be a technology substitution in cars.


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  1. davelong75 said:

    I read your post with great interest. I have got an electric bike amd they are great for going grocery shopping and so on but when I go to the city I still find myself using my Petrol car. I consider getting a Tesla and I must say that the the movies “the revenge of the electric car” as well as the movie “who killed the electric car” have certainly contributed to that. you may want to check those out as well as similar article to yours, that I focuses on the these electric cars:
    http://68anda6pack.com/2013/11/02/green-boy-and-girl-toys/. I will certainly follow your site for more interesting posts.Keep up your good work!
    Cheers Dave

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